ACT now and check tyres ahead of very unsettled weather

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Here we are at the start of another week of unsettled and uncertain weather as forecasters warn snow, thunder, sleet, hail and rain are expected across the UK.

Flood warnings have been issued in almost 30 areas, due to the fact that the supertides following the solar eclipse continue to threaten coastal areas, and it’s difficult to predict what spring has in store for us next.

However, one thing is certain – motorists need to make sure their tyres are in good condition so that they can cope with whatever elements are thrown at them.

And it is times like this that it is wise to take onboard the message from TyreSafe, the UK’s leading tyre safety group, and ACT now to check and maintain vehicle tyres:

A – Air pressures of tyres should be checked when the tyres are cold (i.e. travelled less than two miles) against the vehicle or bike manufacturers recommended settings.

C – condition of tyres should be carefully inspected, looking out for any cuts, lumps or bulges in the tyre. The rubber should be inspected for any signs of uneven wear with any embedded objects removed.

T – tread depth is the final area of the tyre to be checked with vehicle owners advised to ensure their tyres comply with the UK’s minimum tread depth requirements of 1.6mm. As well as a reduction in road safety, failure to meet these requirements could result in a fine of up to £2,500 and three penalty points per tyre.

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