What is aquaplaning and how checking your tyres will help you avoid it

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With the Glasgonbury Festival about to kick off this weekend, it is no surprise the Met Office is forecasting rain for the coming week. While this can put a massive dampener on the event, it can also cause havoc on the roads for motorists – and not just those heading to Worthy Farm.

Vicki Butler Henderson demonstrates how to check tyre tread depth to reduce the risk of aquaplaning

Torrential downpours cause flash flooding which can lead to thousands of aquaplaning incidents across the UK – which is certainly a motoring performance every driver is happy to miss.

So how can you reduce the risk of aquaplaning on rain soaked roads? The two best pieces of advice to follow are:

1. Reduce your speed to remain in better control of your vehicle

2. Ensure your tyres have plenty of tread depth, so they can maintain their grip, especially on flooded roads

Aquaplaning occurs when water builds up in front of the tyre and effectively lifts it off the road. This loss of traction causes the wheels to slip and prevents the vehicle from responding to steering, braking or accelerating and as a result your vehicle can career out of control, start to skid or spin.

As the tyre’s tread depth wears down, its ability to remove water from the road decreases meaning that grip levels are reduced and stopping distances are extended.

The minimum legal tyre tread depth is 1.6mm across the central three quarters and around the entire circumference. However, safety and motoring organisations recommend changing tyres when they wear below 3mm to maintain optimum grip.

If you are not sure how to check your tyre tread depths, click here and watch Vicki Butler Henderson demonstrate how quick and easy it is.

etyres offer a nationwide mobile tyre fitting service, so its customers can have their new tyres fitted at their home or work, instead of having to venture out in the rain to a garage or fast fit depot.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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