Kwik Fit accused by mum of ‘sexist’ treatment over puncture repair

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Headlines such as “Mum claims Kwik Fit mechanics tried to charge £360 for £11 puncture repair because she is a woman” were emblazoned across the newspapers last week – and to be honest they did not come as a surprise to us here at etyres.

etyres mobile puncture repair service

It is the sort of complaint we regularly hear from customers who have discovered our mobile tyre fitting and puncture repair service, often after a run-in with a garage or fast fit centre.

But when it comes to puncture repairs, we are proud to say that the vast majority of the feedback we receive from customers is about how delighted they were that we were able fix the damage and spare them to expense of buying a brand new tyre!

Comments on social media and customer review websites such as Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot regularly praise the fact that our £25 puncture repair service – which includes VAT – saved customers a lot of money, often more than £100, after we were able to successfully repair their puncture.

We previously revealed how Georgina Abbey posted a glowing, five-star review about our service on Trustpilot. She wrote: “Placed an order for new run flat Bridgestone tyre they are not cheap, trust me but etyres were cheapest I could find. Order placed got a phone call to arrange fit time slot with the fitter. He rang me first thing on the morning to confirm time slot again and give me his name. Arrived within the allotted time he was very pleasant and courteous. Then he informed me that he could repair my tyre instead of having the new one, to say I was ecstatic is an understatement. Repair done quickly and efficiently at fraction of the cost of a new one. And it was seamlessly easy to get my refund. Can’t recommend etyres enough, all staff I dealt with were helpful pleasant and professional.”

Compare this with Susie Henderson’s recent experience with Kwik Fit, which was reported in the national press last week. She said: “I knew I had a slow puncture on the front driver’s side tyre. I asked the team to look at it and repair the puncture if that was possible.

“After about 30 minutes I got a call to say there was a nail in that tyre and it couldn’t be fixed.

“They had also found a tear in one of the rear tyres and the tread in the other was below the legal limit.

“They said because the front passenger tyre is a winter tyre – which actually it’s not, it’s an all seasons tyre – all four would have to be replaced for a cost of £360.

“I decided not to go ahead with this, as I wanted to speak to my husband. For the next week or so we kept pumping the tyre up to make sure it was at the right pressure.”

In the end, Susie was advised by a family run local garage that she just needed to pay £11.65 to fix the slow puncture in the front driver’s tyre.

Susie said: “I think the mechanics in Kwik Fit saw that I was a woman and thought they could quote me whatever they liked.

“There definitely could have been an element of sexism to it. I’m just glad I took time to think about it before handing over any money.”

Susie’s complaint about the situation received tens of thousands of shares comments on social media.

All puncture repairs carried out by etyres are in compliance with the British Standard BS AU 159. Our fitters will always remove the tyre from the wheel to fully inspect any damage and judge whether a puncture can be safely repaired or not.

Denna Bowman, Head Office

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