etyres can ease the frustration of tyre vandalism

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Barely a week goes by without a report appearing in the local newspaper about tyres that have been punctured by mindless vandals with little regard for the expense, frustration and inconvenience faced by the vehicle owner – not to mention the risk that they could be involved in a serious accident.

This was the message driven home by a local police officer tyres on seven vehicles were punctured and deflated in the Northamptonshire village of Weedon last week.

PC James Shorthouse said: “Fortunately, on this occasion, the vehicle owners noticed the damage to their tyres, but it can be difficult to spot and could potentially put drivers, passengers and other road users at serious risk.”

The dangers posed by driving in a vehicle with damaged tyres are enormous, but motorists also have to shoulder the cost of repairing or replacing their tyres and also solve the problem of how they are going to get a car with damaged tyres to a garage to have the damage tyres replaced!

This is why so many victims of car vandalism turn to etyres. With a free mobile tyre fitting and puncture repair service, etyres fit customers new tyres or carry out puncture repairs at their home or work, wherever their car is situated.

It prevents further damaged being cause to the tyre, wheel or vehicle and also saves motorists the hassle of taking time out to travel to a garage or tyre depot.

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