Make sure your tyres don’t let you down this summer

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Tyres are responsible for a vast number of breakdown service call outs, but with a little effort and planning you could lessen the impact of a tyre-related roadside emergency this summer.

The first thing to remember is that if you look after your tyres, they are less likely to let you down. Make sure you check your tread depth, pressure and inspect the sidewalls for signs of damage at least once a month and especially before heading off on a long journey.

The legal tread depth limit is 1.6mm, but motoring and safety organisations recommend you consider replacing them after they go below 3mm, because by then their safety and performance are already compromised.

You will find the correct tyre pressure level for your vehicle in your drivers handbook, inside the fuel cap or on a plate inside the drivers side door jam. You can check your tyre pressure at a garage forecourt or invest in your own portable tyre pressure checking gauge. It might also be worth considering investing in a small portable compressor pump, which means you can pump up any under-inflated tyres in minutes wherever you are.

Always make sure that your spare tyre is in a safe and legal condition. Imagine the frustration of suffering a blowout and calling your breakdown service for help, only to discover they cannot replace the tyre because the spare is not roadworthy.

Finally, if you notice any signs of damage to your sidewalls or objects such as stones or nails embedded in the rubber, act immediately, because it may be possible to repair the damage and save you the expense of buying a new tyre or the hassle of suffering a blowout while travelling at high speed.

etyres offer a mobile puncture repair service which means we can come to you and repair or replace your damaged tyre so you don’t have to risk causing more damage to the tyre or wheel by driving it to a garage or tyre depot.

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