Car tyres by make and model

To make the process of buying car tyres as simple as possible we have put together information about tyres suitable for all major car makes and models. Each page includes details of Original Equipment, recommended and best-selling tyres for each model to help you find suitable tyre types for your car.

Whether you need one or five of them, buying tyres online with etyres could not be simpler. Simply enter your tyre size into the search tool to the right and find tyres for your car today. Alternatively our National Sales Team is available to help seven days a week on 0800 028 9000.

Cheap tyres from etyres. Find all the OE specification car tyres at great prices.

Cheap tyres available with Original Equipment (OE) brands and specifications.

Original Equipment tyres (OE)

Many people choose to fit the same car tyres that were fitted to the vehicle as standard when it was new. The car maker and tyre manufacturer will carefully choose Original Equipment (OE) tyres to ensure optimum driving performance and safety.

Car and tyre manufacturers work together to select the design, size and tread pattern that best suits a new car’s tyres. The process to choose OE Tyres takes into account many factors, including handling, durability, performance and price.

We supply and fit a range of manufacturer-specific OE tyres for most car makes and models. This includes Audi ‘AO’ tyres, Mercedes-Benz ‘MO’ tyres and Porsche ‘N’ tyres. Manufacturer’s engineering teams will endorse tyres with these approvals during the vehicle’s development and testing. As a result, these manufacturer recommended tyres will often be the best option for each vehicle.

When you search for tyres using the search tool above, OE tyres will have their specific code. A Mercedes-Benz OE tyre will display ‘MO’ in the search results listing and Audi OE will display ‘AO’.

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