Tyre manufacturers

etyres supplies and fits a wide range of tyres from a number of different tyre manufacturers. Over the years we have developed relationships with these tyre manufacturers to ensure the tyres we sell are of the highest quality. In order to help you find the right tyres for your vehicle, you will find all tyre search results classified into three categories: premium; mid-range; economy.

The three categories of premium, mid-range and economy have been determined as a result of etyres’ longstanding history and experience within the tyre industry. When determining which category a particular tyre belongs to, characteristics taken into account include handling, rolling resistance, grip, fuel efficiency, noise emission, tread pattern and price

Premium brands such as Goodyear, Michelin and Continental spend more on raw materials, design and testing than economy ranges. This means that you are investing in safety, quality and performance. Please note that these rankings are based on an average of the tyres each brands manufactures. As such, there may be occasional differences, for instance a midrange tyre having a lower rating than an economy tyre, or upper economy brands being higher in price than lower mid-range brands.

Above is a list of our most popular tyre manufacturers. To find out more about each tyre manufacturer simply click on their logo and you will be taken to a page with further information and reviews.