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The Sunday Times In Gear Car Clinic check etyres 14Jan07

The Sunday Times In Gear Car Clinic check etyres 14Jan07



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There's a world of difference in tyre ranges nowadays. Low-profile tyres are more prone to aquaplaning and tramlining - following irregularities in the road surface - produce far more noise, particularly on harsher road surfaces, and crash around heavily on bumpy roads. As the tyres aren't as "tall", they also give a harder ride because there's less sidewall flex. On the plus side, they offer more grip in the dry and they look good, which is why many owners fit them.

The standard v70 wheel is 16in with either a 205/55 or 215/55 tyre, neither of which is particularly low profile, so we must assume that the original owner specified 17in wheels. When this happens, the profile (height) of the tyre has to be reduced to retain the correct rolling radius so the speedometer still reads correctly. The recommended tyre is 225/45, which means the tyre could be as much as 20mm wider and 17mm shallower. Also possible is that a previous owner went overboard and chose 18in wheels for a higher bling factor at the expense of comfort.

You can change back to a higher profile tyre, as long as the overall height of the wheel and tyre remain the same and the tyre is suitable for the wheel width - this will be marked on the wheel itself.

Try entering your car's details at a site such as ...and see what they suggest.

Though having more rubber on the road must by definition increase the likelihood of a puncture, you've been staggeringly unlucky with that number of flats in such a short time.

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