etyres - Practical Caravan - Our fleet, May 2006


etyres - Practical Caravan - Our fleet, May 2006

Our Month: Our Fleet

Matt Clark

Towcar: Kia Sorento 2.5 CDRi manual

Sometimes good can emerge from adversity. This month everything seemed to go wrong, but through this I discovered a new caravan site and a cheap place to get tyres…

Two days before I was due to set off, I noticed that our long-term Kia Sorento was listing to one side like a stricken ocean liner – the front left tyre was flat. The Kia has been utterly reliable, but no car is impervious to punctures. We later found the culprit: a screw.

I hunted for a place that replaces tyres quickly and cheaply, and found (tel 0800 028 9000). The company could replace the Hankook tyre on the Sorento for a fraction of the price of other companies. Kwik-Fit did not have Hankook tyres and suggested fitting a Goodyear Wrangler for £126. But etyres were able to fit the same model for £88.90. Better still, the company could obtain a Hankook, which would cost £79.90. The only place that could compete was, which offered the same tyre for £75.60, but fitting would be around £12 extra and I would have had to go to their workshop: etyres come to you.

Sam Fowles, the fitter from etyres, turned up the next day to do the job, and the Kia was roadworthy 15 minutes later.
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