etyres mobile tyre fitting Askaprice motoring news article March 2006


etyres mobile tyre fitting Askaprice motoring news article

Etyres Mobile Tyre Fitting

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AUTHOR: Haje Kamps Email Author
PUBLISHED: 6/5/2005
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We all live busy lives, and having to take the car in to a garage is more of a hassle than it is worth, most of the time. Which is why etyres has launched a service to make it easier for the driver.

Getting tyres fitted is one of those extremely annoying jobs: It does not take enough time to go off and come back for your car later, but it takes long enough to be annoying. A good tyre-fitter takes less than 15 minutes per tyre, which means that getting four tyres changed takes about an hour.

Mobile tyre-fitters have been around for quite a while: Changing tyres on cars doesn´t take a lot of space, and it is possible to fit a whole tyre-fitting workshop in a standard van. New for etyres, however, is that they are fully on-line. And best of all, you need to know nothing about tyres. Just read those numbers printed on the side of your current tyres, and enter them at the website. Choose which brand tyres you want: their model spectrum spans from budget to the high-end brands such as Michelin, Pirelli, Dunlop and the rest of the rubber ratpack. The final selection is when you want your tyres fitted. I chose "next day", and - sure enough - at 10am the next day, a big van arrived at the Askaprice offices, ready to fit two shiny new tyres on my company car.

25 minutes later, the van drove off with my old tyres, leaving me surprised at their speed - especially at a price that beat every other quote I found on the internet.

Saving time and money? Yes, please

"We don´t run flashy showrooms or expensive tyre depots", says James Young, etyres´ operations director, "and we pass our savings on to our customers.". Indeed, etyres´ prices compare extremely favourably with many of the mainstream tyre fitters - with the additional advantage of being able to get the tyres fitted at home or at work. The mechanics need very little space to do their job, offering to do the change in the company carpark!

As an additional bonus, etyres have a clearly stated ecological policy: They guarantee that your old tyres are disposed off in an environmentally sound manner. The company also offers fleet solutions: Changing the tyres on a whole fleet of cars, without ever needing them to leave the company carpark.

Overall, etyres´ service is nothing short of excellent: Competitive prices, great service and minimum downtime. I, for one, will not go to my local tyre depot ever again.

Try it for yourself at 
By Haje Jan Kamps,
Askaprice staff reporter
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