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The Dangers of Part Worn Tyres

Why we don’t sell part worn tyres

Part worn tyres are simply second-hand tyres that are removed from cars and resold cheaper. These used tyres generally originate from Germany, as drivers are bound by the law to change their tyres once they reach 3mm tread depth.

Once tyres get below 3mm tread depth they dramatically lose their grip and braking distances are increased. It’s not illegal to sell part worn tyres in the UK, and whilst the minimum tread depth is 1.6mm here, meaning a part-worn tyre will have a limited amount of tread depth left for a car to run.

The dangers of used tyres

The danger of part worn tyres here is that they generate less grip, especially in wet conditions. Subsequently, your vehicle will have less traction, less braking and handling in any weather condition. A study by Tyresafe found that just over 98% of used tyres in the UK don’t comply with regulations, making them extremely dangerous to use.

etyres only sell brand new tyres

Don’t run the risk of dangerous tyres and buy tyres that you can trust. Every single tyre on our website is classed as brand new and although may have been stored in a warehouse for a while they have never been fitted to a vehicle. We provide motorists with tyres ranging from low cost to premium so regardless of your budget, you can be safe on the roads.

From acceleration and braking to steering and cornering, your tyres are the only components of your vehicle that make contact with the road surface. Thus, it is extremely vital that you seek the highest quality tyres (depending on your budget) for safety and traction.

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