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What Is Smart Parking And What Are The Benefits?

We all know too well the sight of busy city roads congested with cars, all fighting for a parking spot. As a result of the parking spots being extremely limited, the traffic becomes more and more busy with people driving around looking for a space. This is where smart parking technology comes in. 

What is smart parking?

Smart parking technology is highly innovative in-ground sensors that monitor and track vacant parking spots across your area in real time.

Smart parking technology doesn’t create more parking spaces, but in fact provides the driver with knowledge of where the available parking spaces are, how to locate them and how to reduce the time spent on the roads looking for parking. Smart parking works by combining the use of sensors, street lights, smart navigation and online platforms to provide drivers and parking lot operators with information on parking spaces and how many there are and where. 

Smart parking improves traffic management

Drivers slowly cruising around for parking spots in comparison to the drivers not looking for a space and driving full speed can cause tension and a higher risk of accidents. The real time data that is collected by the smart sensors, is translated into actionable insights for drivers to navigate the least congested routes, get an overview of parking availability and make any parking metre payments with the touch of a button. 

Smart parking reduces cruising 

By making the parking process easier with this technology, parking becomes quicker and therefore reduces traffic on the roads and makes parking faster. This is done because thanks to the sensors, drivers know in advance of availability and of any congestion that could prolong their journey. 

You can be notified by your phone

The smart parking icloud based app makes it easy to receive updates and information that guide the driver by GPS to the nearest available parking space at the touch of a button. This means the technology is not only accessible but by allowing payments to be taken through the app, reduces traffic congestion and the need to go and take cash out to pay for parking, again cutting unnecessary time off of your commute. 

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