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Tyre Fitting During Lockdown

With the UK facing another national lockdown as of Thursday 5th November, the country is preparing for a month long quarantine with non-essential businesses closing, whilst people are encouraged to work from home once again. 

But what about all those essential workers and journeys that cannot be avoided? What happens when tyre problems occur during the month long lockdown? 

Mobile fitting services and garages across the country are keeping you moving with their businesses open as usual, with COVID safety measures in place and etyres are no different. Our fitters are trying their best to implement social distancing.    Providing you with safe services with contact-free fittings, mobile fitting services mean you can stay at home and stay safe during the lockdown. Some garages may be operating under reduced hours so it is important to check the website before booking your mobile fitting.

Can I still get an MOT during lockdown?

The answer is yes. The government has confirmed that MOTs that are due this November can and should be carried out as usual. A common failure of MOT’s is the tyre and their tread depth being below the legal 1.6mm, so we advise getting your tyres checked or refitted by our mobile fitting services if your vehicle’s MOT is due during the lockdown.

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