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Tyre care and maintenance tips

Your tyres are the only connection your vehicle has to the road, which is why taking care of your tyres is of the utmost importance.  Regular health checks will ensure not only your safety on the roads but passengers and other drivers, as well as making sure you are getting the most for your mileage.

Stay within the legal tread depth

UK law states that your tyre tread is to be no lower than 1.6mm, however, most manufacturers and fitting centres will always advise to change your tyres when the tread depth reaches 3mm. So a regular check on your tread depth is encouraged. But how do I check my tread depth at home you ask? Easy! Just try the 20p test. The rim of a 20p coin measures 1.6mm and therefore can be used to see if your tyres are in fact illegal. If the rim is visible when placed in the grooves, the tread depth is below 1.6mm and your tyres need to be changed immediately.

Don’t drive on damaged tyres

Discovered damage to your tyre? Take action immediately. If you are tempted to carry on driving and hope you get home quickly, you are at much larger risk of a flat tyre or a tyre blow out. We advise that you either make roadside repairs straight away, or call for assistance if you are unable to fix the damage. 


It is not just the tyres that are fitted onto your vehicle that you need to look after. Storing spare tyres should always be stored in cool, dry ventilated areas that are not exposed to direct sunlight, particularly important for winter tyres that are ready for the season change. Stacking tyres on top of each other for long periods of time is also advised against as this will put unwanted pressure on the tyres causing them to crack.

Avoid overloading your tyres

The maximum load that your tyres can carry will be on the sidewall of your tyre. If you are driving a vehicle that regularly carries and transports heavy loads, make sure you have fitted tyres that are specifically load rated to endure high weights. Checking your tyre pressure regularly will also ensure that the tyres can safely handle the heavy load. 


Tyres will deteriorate even if they haven’t been used on your vehicle. The rubber will start to crack and age, causing it to eventually break down and lose its mechanical properties. The most common sign to spot for tyre deterioration is the fading of the black rubber. 

Make sure to check your tyres and carry out health checks regularly in order to maintain and track your tyres health for the safety of yourself and others.

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