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Run-Flat Tyres… Should You Use Them?

Run-flat tyres are designed to keep you moving even in the event of a puncture. They feature a reinforced sidewall that is used to hold the weight of the car when the air pressure begins to drop. This then allows you to continue to drive at a reduced speed until you can eventually come to a stop and have your tyre repaired.

The way in which tyre pressure can be measured now depends on the manufacturer of your car. The majority of modern cars now come with a fitted Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). This alerts you in the event of a puncture or when the tyre pressure drops below a certain level. 

How far Can I Drive on a Punctured Run-Flat Tyre?

The handbook that comes with your vehicle will say precisely how far you can drive with a damaged run-flat tyre. Usually though, the car should be driven 50mph up to a maximum of 50 miles on a puncture.

Can Run Flat Tyres Be Repaired?

The majority of manufacturers would go against the idea of repairing a run-flat tyre. This is down to the wheel having less strength after the deflated tyre has been driven on. Therefore, the fitter being unable to tell whether the tyre was driven on longer/faster than recommended after the puncture. 

A mechanic fitting a new tyre onto a black car.

Can You Fit Run-Flat Tyres on Cars Not Designed for Them?

Run-flat tyres should only be used on cars that are specifically designed for them. This is mainly down to the car not having a TPMS. Without this, you would continue to drive on a puncture. This would potentially end up with a blowout and put you and other drivers at risk. 

If your car isn’t compatible with run-flat options, you may want to check out Continental or Bridgestone for modern alternatives. 

How Long Do Run-Flat Tyres Last? 

Run-flat tyres are made with similar or identical materials to your normal conventional tyres. Therefore, the wear and tear rate should be the same. Keeping the right amount of air pressure in your tyre and checking them on a monthly basis will ensure you give them a long life. 
To keep good care of your tyres, check out our friends at Continental and their tyre care and maintenance tips.

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