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Pirelli Release New Cinturato P7 Tyre

As part of their Green Performance project, Pirelli recently released the Cinturato P7. This tyre is a touring, high-performance, eco-friendly summer tyre that has been designed to offer drivers increased safety, efficiency and sustainability.

Comfort & Respect For The Environment

Although safety is key for the Cinturato P7, Pirelli conducted various tests to also factor in improved wet and dry handling, improved aquaplaning, braking, road-noise and rolling resistance. 

The results of the tests found that the Cinturato P7 took 4 metres less to come to a stop when travelling at 100kph and an increase of 6% in tyre life, meaning the tyres would need to be changed less frequently. Another result suggested that these tyres found a decrease of 12% in rolling resistance, improving its overall fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Taking in all the figures just shows how hard Pirelli have worked at really making a great tyre. 

Adapting Tread

The making of any great tyre begins with its tread and the tread on the Cinturato P7 really is something special. Pirelli designed the tread with specific silicon resins, which helps the tyre grip the road better and enhance its overall function. Thanks to such mechanical intelligence, by improving the interaction with the silicon, the treads can now adapt accordingly to driving style or weather conditions.

Virtual Tread Pattern

Each part of the new tread pattern has its own great function. For example, the longitudinal grooves are specially designed to evacuate water quickly and safely. The shoulder blocks are then designed to reduce the stopping distances in both wet and dry conditions. 

Additionally, the rigidity of these blocks allows the Cinturato P7 to provide safe and comfortable cornering and good driving experience. On top of this, the genius part is that it was all made virtually on a computer, brought to life and tested physically! 

Pirelli Cinturato P7 tyre side view, close up.

Reduced Braking Distance

Pirelli engineers have worked tirelessly to increase the tyres ability to ‘talk’ with existing electronic driver aid systems. In doing so, they have managed to reduce between 7-10% on the tyres stopping distance.

Through working in collaboration with the world’s best carmakers, the Cinturato P7 has been optimally fine-tuned to work with lane control systems. This could be potentially life-saving and correct emergency mistakes if needed.

More Grip & Reduced Wear

The materials used on the Cinturato P7 provide better mechanical resistance. Therefore, this offers better grip in all different driving situations. The reduced wear means drivers will also benefit in tyre longevity massively overtime whilst saving money in the bank. Likewise, the tread compound was designed quite uniquely alongside the making of the entire tyre, which helps to deliver optimal balancing and reduces heat whilst driving, therefore, decreasing the level of wear.

Elect, Run-Flat and Seal

Pirelli has designed this tyre for all different car models, this includes Pirelli’s recent elect range, aimed at hybrid and electric cars and designed to maximise battery range and comfort. The Cinturato P7 also includes Run-Flat and Seal Inside technologies. These technologies allow the driver to continue driving in the event of a puncture. It does so by reinforcing the sidewalls with the Run-Flat compounds. The seal then releases a mousse that plugs any holes up to 4mm wide. 

In our opinion, Pirelli has most certainly outdone itself with regards to the range of tyres it stocks for all types of drivers. Be sure to check out our huge range of tyres, including the Cintuarato P7 here at etyres. Likewise, for any other blogs or tips on tyres and the latest tyre news, check out our official blog page.     

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