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Must have travel accessories to keep your tyres in shape

Since the Covid-19 pandemic has probably put a hold on your summer holiday plans, we know a lot more people will be road-tripping to their heart’s content around the UK this year. We want you to make sure you have the best possible accessories packed in order for you to enjoy a safe and pleasant journey. 

Finding the right products to include in your holiday necessities can be difficult as there are so many options and brands promoting tyre accessories right now. Well, we have you covered, and have listed a few products below that we think every car needs in order to get the most out of your tyres on your upcoming holidays.  

Slime Tubeless Tyre Sealant

Slime Tubeless Tyre Sealant is an eco-friendly, non toxic product that provides instant results to all tyres after enduring all kinds of punctures. By mending punctures easily and efficiently, this tyre sealant can prolong your tyres life, as well as save you money. With easy to follow instructions, and a clearly written guide on the back of the product, Slime Tubeless Tyre Sealant will be your saving grace, especially on long drives and road trips where you are exploring uninhabited roads, without help or a service station insight. 

Holts Tyreweld Puncture Repair

Tyreweld is the perfect temporary solution to a tyre puncture, with its water based foam that acts as a tyre sealant. Re-inflating the tyre, the foam locates the puncture as you drive and seals it, so you have time to safely drive to a garage for a full repair. Great if you are only a short drive away from help or a garage, this compact repair kit saves the hassle of having to both store and change a spare tyre on the side of the road. Thanks to the product’s easy twist and go mechanism, the product is easy to use and quickly refills the tyre once attached to the valve.  

Digital Tyre Pressure and Inflators

Punctured and deflated tyre? The Digital Tyre Pressure and inflator is probably your new best friend for inflating your tyre. Most come with 4 different nozzles and a threaded tip, which means it is ideal for keeping your car’s tyres at the correct pressure. They are rechargeable and have a cordless battery, making it easy to store in the car for any emergencies, as well as boasting an automatic shut off feature. This allows you to set it to the PSI that you need, and it will automatically turn off when it’s done, saving you the hassle of worrying about how long to keep it in the tyre for. Whether you’re inflating a tyre in daylight, low light, or the pitch black, they have their own LED light feature, to ensure that you can see what you are doing at all times. 

We think these accessories are great for your travels, be it a long drive, or a short one, and can all easily be stored in your vehicle. However, all are temporary fixes, and we would always recommend driving to the nearest garage or fitting centre to get a full check and repair on your tyres for your safety as soon as possible.

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