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How To Choose The Perfect Tyres For A Family Car

Choosing the correct tyres for any vehicle can be a daunting task, even for large family cars. Your vehicle needs to get your whole family from A to B safely, so it is imperative that you fit the correct tyres to your car. Family cars are usually busy driving on a range of road surfaces, be it for a family vacation on country roads, or the school run in the city, so it’s tyres need to be versatile and practical to cover all bases.

A lot of people tend to purchase their tyres on price alone, but this isn’t necessarily the most sensible option as different types of tyres can affect your vehicle’s performance, for both better and worse. So, to make this easier, we have put together an easy to follow list in order to help you choose the perfect tyres for your family car.

Tyre Size

When looking at tyre sizes on a site such as etyres, you can in fact enter your current tyre size into the website and search which brands and makes are available in that particular size. This is a sure way of finding the best selection of tyre sizes suitable for your particular vehicle. 

If you are unsure of your tyre size, you can simply check the sidewall of your tyre. This holds vital information regarding your tyre size, speed rating and tyre width. This information is also available in your vehicles handbook. Below you will find an example of what this looks like on your tyre.

How much should you spend? 

Tyres come in different price ranges; budget, mid-range and premium. This means you are getting exactly what you pay for. Evidently, the higher quality the tyre is, the more expensive it gets. The quality and performance of your tyres also depends on how much you are willing to spend to ensure the best performance possible for your family car. 

All tyres at etyres, be it budget, mid-range or premium all meet the UK safety regulations and standards, therefore no matter your budget, you can be sure that our tyres will keep you safe out on the roads. The differences between the range of tyres will of course be the quality, performance and longevity of the tyre. So if you are looking for tyres that will last a long time and tyres that reduce the amount of times you will need to change them, you may save money in the long run by purchasing high quality premium tyres first time round. 

Should your family car have Run Flat technology?

It is not essential for your family car to have run flat tyres, but it is a great addition if you choose to have these fitted. These are designed so that when and if a puncture occurs on one of your tyres, you can drive safely for up to 50 miles at 50mph in order to reach a safe destination or garage to have your tyre replaced. However, run flat tyres can only be fitted on vehicles that they are compatible with. If you are unsure as to whether your vehicle is designed for run flat tyres, you can check this in your vehicles handbook, or consult one of the etyres team members

Recommended tyres with run flat technology include the Bridgestone Driveguard. To have run flat technology, it is recommended that your car has TPMS on the vehicle. This allows you to drive for an extra 50 miles after a puncture has occurred. 

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