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Choosing the Correct Tyres for your Caravan

Caravan tyres are no different from light van tyres or car tyres. So with no acceleration or steering to be carried out, you’d think tyres on a caravan would last a lifetime. However, this is not the case. 

When using a caravan, it is essential that you have the correct tyres fitted and that they are inflated to the correct pressure due to the high volume of damage, wear and tear they will go through.

Caravan users must take into account the load holdings of the vehicle as the more it holds, the more component the tyres will require in regards to how safe they are, the road holding, grip and how well they manage wet weather conditions. 

The accepted rule within the caravan world (also recommended by the British Tyre Manufacturers’ Association) is that tyres fitted to a caravan should be changed when they hit five years of age. In countries like the Netherlands, a caravan would fail an MOT if the tyres are six years old or more!

Tyre Ageing

Caravans tend to have very low mileage as they are generally used over the holiday period, which means the tread would take a great deal of time to wear down. 

On the other hand, as caravans are left to stand for a large amount of time each year, tyres are susceptible to gradually becoming flat, which can subsequently lead to punctures. The likes of UV damage can significantly affect the longevity of the tyres, so they must be stores in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Ensure to rotate the tyres monthly as this will avoid them from becoming flat. 

Tyre Pressure

For tyres to function at their optimal performance, it’s vital that they are properly inflated as under-inflation or over-inflation will lead to severe damage to the tyres (tyre blowouts or reduced performance).

Ensure to check the tyre pressure regularly when using caravans. As caravans tend to be used on long journeys, be sure to check the tyres beforehand and only when they are cold and have not been driven for around 1-2 miles. 

Suitable Tyres – Brands 

As mentioned previously, caravans can be equipped with light van/car tyres, depending on load, safety and other features that motorists maybe after. We stock a range of tyres, from budget to premium so you can never go wrong. 

Going away and need to fit some new tyres for your caravan? Fit your tyres fitted with one of our local fitters here at etyres at your convenience.

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