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Bridgestone Weather Control A005 vs Continental All Season Contact Review

To help you make that all-important purchasing decision, read on for an in-depth review of both the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 vs Continental All Season Contact tyre.

Dry Grip

To begin, the Continental All Sport tyre has an excellent dry grip whereas the Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyre lacks in comparison. Both all-season tyres combine great winter and summer performances however the Continental All Season Contact outdoes the Bridgestone tyre, as the dry braking performance is exemplary. 

Wet Grip

The extra grip that you require in the wet weather is absolutely crucial. Your tyres are the only part of your vehicle that touches the road surface, so having tyres that provide you with high-quality wet grip is essential. Both tyres are great when driven in wet to wintry conditions, however Continental All Season Contact tyres are similar to winter tyres yet provide superior quality when driving in wet conditions due to its flexibility and durability.

Road Feedback

Road feedback is when tyres allow you to feel road surfaces, so if you do travel over loose surfaces such as gravel or solid surfaces such as tarmac, here is where you can evaluate whether your tyres will provide you with that all-important comfort. The Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyre has quite stiff sidewalls meaning drivers could feel the discomfort of the road, providing the road user with less float and less comfort than the Continental All Season Contact. The Continental All Season Contact tyre is smooth with high-quality silica content that provides drivers with low noises, again, making it a more very effective tyre to purchase.


How your car holds the road is an essential factor when looking to buy tyres. Bridgestone Weather Control A005 holds vehicles well, providing you with that all-essential handling during all weather conditions. Similarly, the Continental All Season Contact tyre handles the road, regardless of surfaces very well.


Both the Continental All Season Contact and Bridgestone Weather Control A005 tyres are exemplary in regards to comfort. Neither of the tyres can be faulted for their comfort, as they are both almost silent when driving on good road surfaces. 


Both tyres provide great comfort, handling and wet/dry grip, however, the Continental All Season Contact tyre outshines the Bridgestone A005 due to improved grip in regards to high-quality silica content. Its dynamic behaviour on wet and dry road surfaces is both exceptional and reliable, providing road users with short braking distances. The Bridgestone A005 lacked in certain aspects such as road feedback, as drivers suggest the tyres give loud rumbling noises when driven over loose gravel. So if you’re looking to decide between both, despite the Bridgestone A005 featuring exceptional safety and traction, the Continental All Season Contact tyre definitely gives you a run for your money.

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