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Bridgestone Has Launched Its First All-Season Light Truck Tyre

The world’s largest tyre company, Bridgestone, has launched its first all-season tyre for the light truck vehicular industry: the Duravis All-Season. 

This tyre has been crafted with excellent wear and grip in mind, especially in adverse weather conditions. The Duravis All-Season offers motorists with a label A-grade for wet grip, a 3PMSF certification (3 peak mountain snowflake) and an M+S (mud and snow) marking, making it an exceptionally safe tyre choice for wintertime.

What’s more is that the lateral design of the tyre offers innovative grooves for improved water dispersal, suggesting it is an effective tyre when at risk of aquaplaning. The V-shaped layout makes way for a safer drive when in the wet and travelling through thick snow and ice. 

These tyres offer great snow mobility with impeccable tyre construction. The notable performance in wet and snow is thanks to the nano-selective compounds that give the tyre excellent silica dispersion due to the Nano Pro-Tech compounds within the tyre. This innovative technology simply maximises the efficiency of the tyre in harsh weather conditions, thereby improving stopping distances in the wet. 

Moreover, Bridgestone seeks to target both small and large fleets, offering improved fuel economy as they are aware of the lengthy journeys taken by fleet drivers. The efficiency of this tyre is top tier regardless of the season, from summer to winter. The tyre sidewalls offer a protector rib that shields any harsh impact from curbs whilst the tread offers higher pattern stiffness to the construction of the tyre. 

Likewise, to cut costs for light truck drivers whilst on long journeys, the Duravis All-Season tyre sees improved rolling resistance (an EU label E-grade for fuel efficiency), thereby sitting pretty within the stringent economic and environmental legislations around the world. Also, if tyre longevity is a specific requirement for truck drivers, the durable fashioning of this tyre has been optimised to reduce downtime and improve pressure distribution across the vehicle. 

The Duravis All-Season will be available to buy in August 2020 in a range of almost 23 sizes for an array of different light trucks, which also includes five high load sizes, so be sure to keep a lookout here at etyres for your next light truck tyre purchase.

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