Why fit winter tyres?

Recent winters have seen chaos on UK roads, caused by difficult driving conditions and vehicles which were not adequately equipped for the bad weather. Government estimates suggest that this lack of readiness for the winter resulted in a cost to the economy of up to half a billion pounds per day. When winter begins to take its grip on the UK it is important to consider the safety of drivers, passengers, vehicles and other road users in these conditions.

In many European countries it is either law or common practice to change from summer to winter tyres in order to ensure safety and avoid disruption at these times of year. In the UK drivers are six times more likely to have an accident between October and March than at any other time of the year. These figures alone make a good argument for having winter tyres fitted to your vehicle.

How are winter tyres different from summer tyres?

Winter tyres contain a much higher silica content than summer and all-season tyres. This extra silica enables the tyre to remain flexible when the temperature drops below seven degrees. This means that winter tyres give increased grip on the road and reduce a vehicle’s stopping distance, thus increasing overall road safety. They also feature a tread pattern much more suited to driving in poor weather than that of a summer tyre. When driving on ice and snow, winter tyres provide the driver with levels of handling, grip and safety that cannot be matched by a summer tyres. For more information on the differences in braking distances between summer and winter tyres click here.

Drivers will benefit from using winter tyres on roads covered in frost, ice, slush, snow and even wet roads. Importantly, they are better even on dry roads in cold conditions.

When should I fit winter tyres to my car?

It is recommended that you switch from summer to winter tyres when the average temperature falls below seven degrees. This is usually from October to April the following year, and it’s worth bearing in mind that much winter driving happens in the morning and the evening, rather than in the middle of the day when the temperature is milder.

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