Van winter tyres

Tyres fitted to vans and commercial vehicles should be checked regularly for signs or wear or damage. However, fitting winter tyres is an essential measure in keeping working vehicles on the road and working safely whatever the weather. For some years now, large fleet operators like utility companies, delivery firms and supermarkets have made a point of fitting winter tyres to all their vehicles from October to April.

Winter tyres bring increased safety in all winter conditions, not solely on ice and snow. The costs involved are minimal, far less than the costs to any business of not being able to keep vehicles running in bad weather. Additionally, the mobile fitting service of etyres means that there’s no inconvenience or lost time involved in switching from summer to winter tyres, either.

etyres recommends the use of winter tyres and we fit them to our own extensive fleet of vans every year. They are available in sizes to fit all vehicles and in the reinforced versions needed to support the higher load ratings and weightbearing specifications of vans and commercial vehicles.

Winter tyres for vans have been designed with durability in mind. The tread block design and tread patterns of many van winter tyres ensure exceptional tyre life. For more information on the technology behind winter tyres for vans click here.

Keeping both drivers and fleet vehicles safe, mobile and reliable is important for countless business all year round. Running vans with summer tyres in winter conditions can mean that customers are let down, deadlines missed and money lost, quite apart from the safety implications for both vehicles and staff. It’s important to fit winter tyres when average temperatures fall, not solely when Britain grinds to a halt as the first snow starts to fall.

To order winter tyres for vans online now simply fill in the search box above using the van’s current tyre size, easily found on the tyre’s sidewall. Alternatively you can call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000 to further discuss your van winter tyre requirements.