Storing your winter tyres

If you are planning to fit winter tyres to your car between October and April, you may be wondering what to do with your summer tyres, and likewise what to do with your winter tyres when you swap them over again.

If tyres are stored incorrectly their physical properties will change and deteriorate, rendering the tyres unusable. If your tyres are correctly prepared for storage they will retain their properties and can remain virtually unchanged for several years.

Tyres should never be stored in the open air, even if covered with a tarpaulin or open shelter. Storage locations should be cool, dry and dark with adequate ventilation. Summer and winter tyres should not be stored above normal room temperature and if there is a heat source within the room the tyres must be shielded from it.

All storage facilities should protect summer and winter tyres from direct sunlight and constant air changes. Tyres should not be stored in a room with devices that emit ozone as this can be particularly damaging to the rubber compounds in tyres.

When preparing your summer or winter tyres for storage it is important to remove traces of solvents, fuels, lubricants and chemicals as well as thoroughly checking the tyres for signs of damage. During storage do not let your tyres come into contact with anything that could damage the rubber including solvents, petrol or anything with sharp edges. If you are concerned about the proximity of your tyres to harmful substances in a garage, special tyre storage bags are available.

If tyres are to be stored with rims they can either be hung vertically or piled up horizontally (and restacked every four weeks). Tyres on rims should not be stood upright on the ground or floor as they could become distorted. The tyre pressure should be reduced to 1 bar or 14.5psi.

Tyres without rims should not be piled or hung. Instead they should be stood vertically on racks, clear of the floor, and rotated every four weeks.

For advice on choosing the best winter tyres for your vehicle, call etyres’ National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000. Alternatively you can buy winter tyres online using the search box above.