Run flat winter tyres

The safety benefits of run flat tyres are amplified in a British winter. Their key feature is their ability to maintain the vehicles’s stability after a puncture or other damage, reducing the risk of a blow-out or other dangerous loss of control. Potholes are an increasing hazard of winter driving in the UK, meaning that punctures are more likely. This risk is made worse by the reduced daylight hours of winter months and the subsequently increased likelihood of driving in darkness.

Furthermore, having run flat tyres fitted to your car negates the need to change a wheel at the roadside in an emergency. Doing so can be dangerous enough in good weather, let alone in the darkness and poor weather of winter.

Run flat winter tyres therefore combine the benefits of the safety of run flat tyres with the increased grip and traction of winter tyres. For peace of mind, they are an investment worth making if your car features standard summer run flat tyres..

Not all run flat tyres have a winter version, although most popular run flat tyres are available in formats designed for winter use. To see if the run flat tyres fitted to your car are available in a winter version, simply enter the tyre size into the search tool above. If a winter version is produced, we stock it. Results can easily be filtered to show options available in winter tyre specification.

To discuss the benefits of run flat winter tyres, call etyres’ National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.