Volvo winter tyres

Forward planning is essential to ensure a hassle-free winter driving experience, one way of helping to safeguard against winter driving conditions and helping to ensure your families safety is by having Volvo winter tyres fitted. Whilst it may seem unnecessary for Volvo XC owners and those with all-wheel-drive all Volvo drivers are being urged not to ignore the benefits of winter tyres can offer. For more information on how winter tyres can be beneficial to 4X4’s click here.
Volvo winter tyres have an improved tread compound that includes increased levels of natural silica to maintain flexibility at temperatures of seven degrees or below. This increase in silica combined with advanced tread pattern design can significantly reduce stopping distances by up to 11 metres on icy roads, when compared to summer tyres.
The tread design of Volvo winter tyres also helps to reduce the likelihood of aquaplaning by channelling surface water away from the tyre through deeper tread grooves than summer tyres. These tread grooves also offer increased grip when driving on snow by collecting small amounts of snow to grip onto surface snow with.
If you are concerned about the cost of winter tyres there is very little price difference between Volvo winter tyres and summer tyres. It is also worth remembering that you will only be wearing out one set at a time and providing the other set are stored correctly they will not have deteriorated. For more information on how to store your summer and winter tyres click here.
Below are some of our recommended Volvo winter tyres for popular models, however to make sure that you are getting the correct tyre for your vehicle you should always search for winter tyres using the size of the tyres currently on your Volvo. This tyre size can be found on the sidewall and will look like 205/55R1691W. If you can’t find the right tyre or would like more information on Volvo winter tyres please call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000.

Recommended Volvo winter tyres

Volvo XC: Continental Cross contact winter
Volvo V40: Falken Euro winter HS449
Volvo 850: Falken Euro winter HS449