Toyota winter tyres

Preparing your Toyota for the winter months should involve more than topping up the anti-freeze levels. Your tyres are the only contact between you and the roads surface so making sure they are properly equipped to deal with winter weather conditions is vital in keeping you and your family safe this winter.

Toyota winter tyres have been specially designed for temperatures of seven degrees and below, in the UK this is normally between the end of October and March. To help combat the hardening effects of these low temperatures Toyota winter tyres are manufactured with higher levels of natural rubber and silica to help them remain flexible and bond with the road.

The tread pattern of Toyota winter tyres has also been designed to reduce the risk of aquaplaning by efficiently channelling excess surface water away from the path of the tyre through deep tread grooves. These grooves are also lined with hundreds of sipes that create added grip by biting into snow and ice. Overall the design of Toyota winter tyres can reduce stopping distances by 11 metres on icy roads and eight metres on snow covered roads when compared with summer tyres.

Toyota and etyres recommend changing all four tyres to winter tyres at the same time. Failure to do so may result in difficult handling and an increased likelihood of skidding when cornering. If you were thinking of fitting just two tyres as a result of the cost it is worth remembering that while the winter tyres are fitted to your Toyota your summer tyres will not be wearing down and vice versa. For more information on how to store your summer and winter tyres click here.

Below are some recommended winter tyres for popular Toyota models. As with all tyre purchases it is important that you buy the correct size, to ensure this look on your existing tyre sidewall for a code similar to 205/55R1691W. Once you have found your tyre size enter it into the winter tyre search box above. If the tyre you are looking for is not listed or you would like more information on Toyota winter tyres call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000.

Recommended Toyota winter tyres

Toyota Corolla: Dunlop Winter Response

Toyota Avensis: Pirelli Winter 210

Toyota Yaris: Dunlop Winter Response