Skoda winter tyres

When it comes to performance Skoda recommends fitting winter tyres to your vehicle between October and March to provide you with the most appropriate driving capabilities for the weather. Skoda winter tyres are specially designed for temperatures of seven degrees and below; when the temperature drops ordinary summer tyres harden and become less effective in terms of handling, stopping distances and overall safety. To read more on the technology that gives Skoda winter tyres this increased handling click here.

To ensure winter tyres don’t harden they are made with a higher level of natural silica that remains malleable at these low temperatures. Skoda winter tyres are also specially designed with performance in mind to offer an enhanced driving experience and level of safety and control that cannot be found when using summer tyres in these conditions.

Skoda winter tyres and braking distances

If you are driving on a wet road at 60mph in five degree weather your stopping distance is likely to be five metres shorter with Skoda winter tyres fitted. For more information on the dramatic difference winter tyres can make to stopping distance click here.

Below are some examples of popular winter tyres for Skoda models, this should only be used as a guide and as with all orders we advise that you check the size of the tyres currently fitted to your vehicle. To find your tyre size simply look on the sidewall of your tyre for a number similar to 205/55R1691W, when buying winter tyres the speed rating (W in this example) will be different to that of your summer tyres.

Recommended Skoda winter tyres

Skoda Fabia: Michelin Alpin

Skoda Octavia: Michelin Alpin / Michelin Pilot Alpin

Skoda Roomster: Michelin Alpin

To buy Skoda winter tyres online use the search box above, or for more information on choosing the best winter tyres for your needs call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000.