Range Rover winter tyres

Two common misconception amongst the owners of not only Range Rovers but also other vehicles from Land Rover are that they won’t need winter tyres since they have four wheel drive at their disposal and that winter tyres are only for cars anyway.

Neither is the case. Although a Range Rover has power on tap and four-wheel-drive, none of this is any assistance in terms of stopping distances on ice or snow. Slipping when braking in these conditions is usually the most scary – and dangerous – aspect of winter driving, something which is made worse when the vehicle is as heavy as the average Range Rover. Additionally, a major danger in driving in snow or ice is the unpredictable nature of other vehicles on the road, let alone the safety of your own: even if your car has grip, the one in front or behind might not. The fact is that the tread of a summer tyre can clog with packed snow on any vehicle, leading to compromised grip of what is, after all, the only part of the car which is in contact with the road. A Range Rover may have more traction than the average car in these conditions, but safety cannot possibly be assured by summer tyres, even if you do have four wheel drive. The compromises of summer tyres affect all 4×4 vehicles in winter, not just those from Range Rover.

Additionally, the materials of which summer tyres are made become harder and less flexible in cold weather, meaning that grip is compromised in low temperatures no matter whether the road has snow or ice on it or not. The special rubber compounds used in winter tyre ensures maintain their flexibility, and therefore grip, in conditions in which the ability of a summer tyre is reduced. This means that these tyres offer increased safety and performance throughout the winter months. To read more about the differences between winter and summer tyres, click here.

Recommended Range Rover winter tyres

Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles supplied new in the UK will be equipped with summer tyres, rather than winter versions. However, in other countries, they often leave the forecourt sporting winter tyres. The most common original original equipment winter tyres for them come from Continental‘s CrossContact Winter range. These are approved for Range Rover and Sport models, as well as the Land Rover Discovery.

Since Pirelli‘s Scorpion tyres are a common factory-fitting for both Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles when new, the ‘Ice & Snow’ winter tyres from the same range make a popular alternative to the Continental winter tyres detailed above. In a similar vein, since Falken tyres are becoming more and more frequently seen as original equipment for the Evoque, the same company’s winter tyres are worth considering for the new ‘baby’ Range Rover.

etyres supplies and fits these and many other winter tyres suitable for every Range Rover and Land Rover. For further details, or to discuss having them fitted to your car, please call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.