Mini winter tyres

A combination of a light body weight, front-wheel drive and narrow tyres made the original Mini surprisingly effective in icy and snowy conditions – were it not for their low ground clearance, they would have been one of the best vehicles of their time in such weather. Since modern models are substantially larger than the original, and feature wheels of a more standard size, things are no longer so clear cut. However, as with any car, they will benefit enormously from the fitting of specialist winter tyres from October to March.

Winter tyres have to important safety features compared to summer tyres. They are made with a more silica-rich compound which means that they retain their flexibility in colder temperatures. In contrast, summer tyres will become more rigid and less responsive once the temperature drops below seven degrees. Additionally, they feature a different tread pattern, with broad lugs grooves to channel water and snow away and hundreds of tiny sipes which bite into any snow, ice or water on the road’s surface. For further details of the technology of winter tyres, click here.

Most Mini models feature run flat tyres. These are designed for – and, indeed, have been approved by Mini because of – increased safety. Thus fitting a Mini with run flat winter tyres ensures the very highest standards of both performance and safety throughout the winter months.


Recommended Mini winter tyres

Various winter tyres are approved by Mini. These are the tyres found as original equipment on new models in countries where winter tyres are recommended by Mini or seasonally demanded by law. More relevantly, they are also the winter tyre ranges recommended by Mini for use in the UK and those sold by dealerships in this country for use in winter months.

Pirelli‘s Snow Control tyres are recommended for vehicles with a wheel size of 15 inches. To fit the more standard 16-inch size, Dunlop SP Winter Sport tyres are recommended, as are Goodyear‘s UltraGrip range. Bridgestone‘s Blizzak range is approved for both 16-inch and 17-inch wheels, while a final option to consider is Pirelli’s Sotto Zero winter tyre, another recommended product for 17-inch tyres. All of these are most commonly sold in run flat format but are available as a regular tyre, too.

Naturally all of the above tyres are among the many winter tyres supplied and fitted by etyres. Our prices are more competitive than those of main dealers and include the convenience of mobile fitting at your home or workplace. To order your winter tyres today, simply enter your tyre size into the search tool above. Alternatively, if you need assistance in finding the right winter tyres to suit your car, please call our National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000 as we’d be delighted to help.