Lexus winter tyres

In order for your Lexus to perform as it should on all roads and in all weathers it needs to be fitted with the best tyres for the condition. Making the change from Lexus summer to Lexus winter tyres and vice versa will help to keep you and your passenger’s safe, as well as enhancing performance and fuel efficiency.

All approved Lexus winter tyres are designed for optimal safety when the temperature is at or below seven degrees. These tyres are also tested on wet, dry, icy and snow covered roads to ensure superior performance is offered in all winter conditions. The high silica levels in Lexus winter tyres allows them to remain flexible in these conditions and when combined with improved tread patterns that efficiently channel surface water and bite into snow and ice they offer drivers increased handling and grip.

Investing in a set of Lexus winter tyres can not only increase your safety but also save you money as your summer tyres will be stored until needed again. The design of Lexus winter tyres also makes them more durable against the cold conditions, whereas summer tyres can actually wear down faster during the winter.

Listed below are some of our recommended Lexus winter tyres for popular models. Before ordering it is important to check the size of the existing tyres on your vehicle. The tyre size can be found on the sidewall of the tyre and will look like the diagram on the left hand side of this page. Lexus winter tyres are designed to have lower speed ratings than summer tyres, however this should not compromise your driving as this rating is still much higher than the national speed limit.

To order Lexus winter tyres click here, or call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for more information. etyres recommend Lexus winter tyres are fitted to all four wheels, otherwise the handling will be affected and the car can skid when cornering.

Recommended Lexus winter tyres

Lexus GS: Falken euro winter HS449 / Michelin pilot Alpin PA3

Lexus IS: Falken euro winter HS439

Lexus RX: Continental cross contact winter / Michelin latitude Alpin