Jaguar winter tyres

Rear wheel drive underpins the performance of the modern Jaguar. On dry summer roads, it provides the perfect handling and balance which are integral features of driving one of these cars. Fitting winter tyres will allow you to continue to enjoy a Jaguar’s performance when temperatures fall, as well as bringing huge safety benefits in the worst of the British weather.

Rear wheel drive cars are notoriously unforgiving and difficult on snow and ice, while the roadholding of a summer tyre will be compromised on any road surface when the mercury falls. A winter tyre addresses both issues, meaning that there’s no reason not to experience the best features of Jaguar ownership whatever the time of year.


Choosing your Jaguar winter tyres

Jaguar is adamant that fitting winter tyres on their own isn’t enough. since some types of winter tyres just won’t be compatible with the high-performance nature of its cars. In terms of Jaguar-approved winter tyres, the current list is very short. Jaguar recommends both, and solely, the Pirelli Winter Sotto Zero range and Dunlop‘s SP Winter Sport tyres. However, both are popular choices of winter tyre and available in sizes to fit all current and recent Jaguar models. They both feature the special compound and tread pattern of a winter tyre in a more performance-orientated package than the average winter tyre, making them a perfect fit for any Jaguar.

As with all tyre purchases it is important to check the size of your existing tyres to make sure that the correct size of winter tyre is fitted to your car. Fitting the wrong size could result in unsafe handling and damage to the vehicle, so it’s important to get it right.

To buy Jaguar winter tyres online click here. Alternatively, if you need any assistance in choosing the right winter tyres for your car, or in getting the sizes correct, please call etyres’ national sales team on 0800 028 9000. We’re here seven days a week and would be delighted to help you.