Honda winter tyres

As with the majority of vehicles in the UK Honda’s are fitted with summer tyres as standard. However, as soon as the temperature drops below seven degrees these summer tyres begin to harden reducing traction and vehicle performance.

Honda winter tyres are specially constructed to remain softer in low temperatures giving the tyre more grip on the road. The tread pattern also includes deeper channels and increased sipes that bite into the snow and ice to provide improved performance in cold and wet conditions. To learn more about the differences between summer and winter tyres visit our winter tyre technology page.

Honda winter tyres are a smart investment in both safety and getting the best performance from your vehicle. There is minimal price difference between Honda approved summer and winter tyres, and when thinking of cost it is important to remember that while one set are in use the others will not be wearing down. If you do decide to invest in a set of Honda winter tyres read our instructions on how to store your summer tyres to ensure they are in the best condition come the following March and vice versa.

Below are some recommended Honda winter tyres for three of the most popular models. These recommendations should be used as a guide only and you should always check the size of your existing tyres before ordering new ones. Having the incorrect tyre size fitted to your vehicle can result in dangerous handling. To buy your Honda winter tyres online use the search box above, or for more information on winter tyres call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000.

Recommended Honda winter tyres

Honda Accord – Marangoni Meteo HP / Michelin Alpin A4

Honda Civic – Continental Winter contact TS830

Honda Jazz – Falken Euro Winter HS449 / Dunlop winter response