Ford winter tyres

Winter tyres provide added safety and peace of mind for drivers of all Ford vehicles in cold, wet, snowy or icy conditions. Winter tyres differ from summer tyres in featuring an increased level of silica in the tread compound. This silica helps to keep the tyres flexible when the temperature drops below seven degrees, increasing grip and improving safety compared to summer tyres which become harder and less flexible in these lower temperatures.

The tread pattern of winter tyres is also different to that of a summer tyre. They have been designed to maximise safety and control when driving on slippery or snowy roads. Wide tread blocks disperse water more effectively and reduce the chances of aquaplaning, while wider grooves channel water away and are designed so that they do not become clogged with compacted snow. Winter tyres also contain hundreds of tiny slits called sipes that increase traction by biting into the snow and ice or against the road surface. These design elements combine to increase overall grip and handling which in turn can reduce stopping distances by up to 11 metres.

Both Ford and etyres recommend that winter tyres should be fitted in sets of four rather than solely to the driving wheels. A car fitted with a mixture of winter and regular tyres will quickly become unsafe and unstable in winter conditions. The cost of these four tyres can be offset by the fact that of course alternating between summer and winter tyres means that only one set of tyres is ever in use. If you are unsure on how to store your tyres to ensure they are in the best possible condition for the next season, click here to read our step-by-step guide to storing your summer and winter tyres.

If you would like to discuss winter tyres further, or some assistance in identifying the most suitable winter tyres for your Ford, help is just a telephone call away. etyres’ National Sales Team is available seven days a week on 0800 028 9000 and would be delighted to help.