Audi winter tyres

Of all manufacturers, Audi is one of the most fervent supporters of the safety benefits of winter tyres. It’s an area in which the company has plenty of experience, not least because fitting these tyres is required by law in Germany during winter months. Many Audi owners will buy a separate set of wheels for their winter tyres, to eliminate the need to have them removed from the wheel rim when changing back to summer tyres once temperatures increase in the spring (and vice-versa in the autumn).

If you can afford the extra outlay, and have somewhere to store tyres and wheels which are not in use, then this is a sensible idea. However, it’s always worth aiming for wheels of the same size if you drive a high-performance model with large brake calipers and pads. A smaller wheel might not fit in place properly due to the sheer size of these brake components on some sportier Audi vehicles.

Key to the safety of winter tyres is a rubber compound which is higher in natural silica than a standard summer tyre. This gives increased flexibility: in contrast, a summer tyre can harden, and thus be less effective, once the temperature drops. For further details of the technology behind winter tyres, click here.

Recommended Audi winter tyres

Audi works with various premium tyre manufacturers to define a list of original equipment tyres for its vehicles. Winter tyres will not usually be found fitted to brand new Audi models in the UK. However, just as summer tyres for these cars are available in ‘AO-‘marked, Audi-approved, format, so Audi recommends various types of winter tyre for use on its cars. By far the most popular is Dunlop‘s SP Winter Sport tyre, recommended for fitting to the A1, A4, A6, Q3, Q5 and TT. For the A3, Pirelli‘s Winter Sotto Zero (‘Below Zero’) tyre is recommended, while for the Q7, Audi’s preferred tyre is the winter version of Dunlop’s Grandtrek range.

Naturally these and many other winter tyres are all available from etyres during winter months at prices which include the added convenience of mobile fitting. For further information about winter tyres, click here or contact etyres’ National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.