Car winter tyres

We all want to drive as safely as possible so at this time of year it is worth considering fitting a set of winter tyres to your car. You might think that UK winters aren’t harsh enough to warrant a second set of tyres. However, Met Office data from previous winters shows that the average UK temperature between October and March falls below seven degrees, exactly the point at which winter tyres prove important safety benefits for British drivers. Winter tyres are about a huge amount more than just driving on snow, being designed to offer safety benefits in the cold weather driving environments in which the performance of summer tyres is compromised.

If, like many, you rely on your car to get to work, take the children to school and generally go about your day-to-day life then you know the chaos that can be caused as a result of freezing temperatures and slippery roads. Making the quick and easy change to winter tyres means that you can keep on with life with a reduced risk of being involved in an accident. In cold weather, winter tyres can reduce a car’s stopping distances by up to 11 metres compared to summer tyres. For more information please visit our winter braking distances page. More than that, they allow for much safer motoring when the snow does come, meaning that your life won’t grind to a halt when the first flakes of snow fall this winter.

The main difference between car winter tyres and regular summer tyres is an increased silica level, which helps to ensure the tyres stay malleable at temperatures below seven degrees. This flexibility provides the driver with greater handling and control. Additionally, the tread pattern of winter tyres has been carefully designed to include hundreds of tiny slits called sipes that bite against the road surface to give the car more traction. For more information on the technology behind the design of car winter tyres, click here.

For further details about winter tyres, and to discuss their suitability for your car, please speak to etyres’ National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000.