Winter Tyre Myths

Historically there have been a number of myths surrounding the necessity and benefits of having winter tyres fitted. Detailed below are some of the most common winter tyre myths and reasons to ignore them.

Winter tyre myth one: I only need winter tyres when it snows

Winter tyres use a compound that is higher in silica than all-season and summer tyres. This compound is designed to allow the tyre to retain its flexibility when temperatures dip below 7C, a temperature below which a summer tyre will be compromised. Additionally, the specially-designed tread patterns of winter tyres provide enhanced traction on wet and icy roads as well as in the snow. In the UK average temperatures tend to remain at or below 7C between October and March, making winter tyres a worthwhile investment.

Winter tyre myth two: Having winter tyres fitted will affect my insurance

This is a common myth. Some insurance companies may require notification but it is almost unheard of for premiums to be affected. etyres recommends that you call your insurance company before buying winter tyres, just to be certain.

Winter tyre myth three: Winter tyres are very expensive

The majority of winter tyres cost the same, if not less, than their summer and all-season equivalents. Depending on your mileage your winter tyres may last for two or three winters, and it is also worth remembering that whilst your winter tyres are fitted you will not be wearing out your summer tyres. Removing one type of tyre from wheel rims and having them replaced with the other can be done very cheaply.

Winter tyre myth four: I drive a 4×4 so I don’t need winter tyres

As a result of the increased weight and size of these vehicles it is important that you fit winter tyres to a 4×4 to help ensure safe handling when driving on slippery and snow covered roads. If your 4×4 is fitted with summer tyres, during the winter your four-wheel drive capacity will also be compromised.

Winter tyre myth five: I only need to fit winter tyres to the car’s front wheels

Fitting winter tyres to the drive axle only is thought to improve performance when driving in wintry conditions. However, this is actually more dangerous than not fitting winter tyres at all as the handling will be become very unstable. etyres only supplies and fits winter tyres in sets of four to prevent this happening.

To buy winter tyres for your vehicle use the search tool above or call etyres’ National Sales Team on 0800 028 9000 for more information.