Benefits of winter tyres

Across many European countries the benefits of winter tyres have been recognised for years and as such they have become either a legal requirement or highly recommended to ensure safety and avoid disruption. Here in the UK, where it does not snow so often, there are a lot of myths surrounding the benefits of winter tyres. However the benefits of winter tyres are far greater than just their ability to make driving safe on snow.

The safety benefits of winter tyres

UK drivers are up to six times more likely to be involved in an accident between October and March than during the other six months of the year. This is due to the reduced daylight as much as to the inclement weather. Having winter tyres fitted to your vehicle can reduce braking distances by up to 11 metres, which could make the difference between being involved in an accident and stopping in time.

Winter tyres contain higher levels of natural silica than summer tyres, enabling them to remain flexible when the average temperature drops below seven degrees. This flexibility increases grip on the road surface and reduces braking distances. For more information on the differences in braking distances of summer and winter tyres, click here.

Winter tyres are designed with deeper tread moulds to disperse surface water and reduce the likelihood of aquaplaning. Along these tread moulds are thousands of sipes that aid traction by biting into the surface snow and ice. This added flexibility and improved tread make winter tyres the safest option between October and March.

The performance benefits of winter tyres

When driving on ice and snow, winter tyres provide the driver with a level of handling and grip that cannot be matched by any summer tyres. This increased performance comes on all road surfaces, including through rain and slush as well as ice and snow. Indeed many car manufacturers recommend winter tyres to ensure drivers get the before performance from their vehicle during the winter months, quite apart from any safety benefit.

For more information on the technology behind the benefits of winter tyres click here or call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for advice on choosing the best winter tyres for your vehicle. Alternatively you can buy winter tyres online using the search box above.