4×4 winter tyres

Are winter tyres needed on a 4×4?

A common misconception surrounding winter tyres is that 4×4 vehicles don’t need them, because all wheel drive makes them better by design in winter conditions than two wheel drive vehicles. True enough, 4×4 vehicles will provide increased power, potentially quicker acceleration and better stability on snow than two wheel drive vehicles. However, they won’t perform any better when stopping or cornering because the issue with winter driving is traction. A car’s tyres are the only thing providing this traction and they regulate any 4×4’s ability to stop, start or corner and its driver’s control.

Just as importantly, winter driving isn’t solely about snow. Summer tyres fitted to cars and 4×4 vehicles alike have a rubber compound which hardens when the temperature drops below seven degrees, reducing traction, performance and handling ability on any road surface. This isn’t a problem with winter tyres since they are engineered to be at their best in cold weather. Endless independent tests have shown a marked difference in cold weather performance of both two wheel drive and four wheel drive vehicles when fitted with winter tyres. That extends to all roads, not only those that are wet or covered with ice or snow.

Even on dry roads in summer, 4×4 vehicles are at a disadvantage when it comes to braking distances as their weight means that they can take longer to come to a stop. Naturally this becomes even more of an issue in winter driving, when the roads offer less grip.

As with all other vehicles, for maximum winter driving performance and safety a 4×4 should be fitted with winter tyres. Only winter tyres can provide the special tread and soft enough rubber compounds necessary for grip on all road conditions in cold weather.

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