Vredestein tyres

Many owners of premium and sports vehicles choose Vredestein tyres as much for their appearance as their performance. In 1999, the Dutch-based company began an ongoing collaboration with the world-famous Italian stylist Giorgetto Giugiaro. He is widely acclaimed as possibly the most influential automotive designer ever, being the man behind the Volkswagen Golf, BMW M1 and DeLorean DMC-12.

Vredestein’s Ultrac Vorti range is aimed very much at the top segment of the marketplace. These tyres feature a low-profile design and an asymmetric profile, giving them a unique and sporty appearance. They are surprisingly quiet tyres, available in sizes to fit SUVs as well as high-performance cars. Many of these tyres are specially tailored for different axle fitments, since many sports cars in the premium sector are designed with rear tyres broader than those at the front. At the top of this range is the Ultrac Vorti R, the company’s most sporty tyre, which is engineered for even greater emphasis on grip and driving precision. It has chunky shoulder blocks for more traction on extreme bends. These maintain the driver’s grip even at the higher tyre operating temperatures associated with demanding high-speed motoring. The Ultrac Vorti R comes in special fitments for rear axles. Its design emphasis is on maintaining grip on dry surfaces, since on wet roads most surface water is dispersed by the front tyres. This tyre is suitable for speeds above 300km/h (186mph).

Guigiaro’s design influence is also felt in the appearance of two other Ultrac tyres from Vredestien, the Sessanta and Cento. As with the Vorti, these have a very distinctive directional tread pattern and complement the looks of sports and premium cars. The Sessanta is an ultra-high-performance tyre. It is optimised for steering and handling response and available in SUV and 4×4 fittings. Its name celebrates the company’s sixty years in the Dutch city of Enschede. ‘Sixty’ is translated into Italian to honour Giugiaro: ‘Sessanta’. The Cento is designed for greater driver safety, combined with an ecologically-sound approach. It is a quiet and stylish tyre which offers drivers outstanding grip and handling. Its name marks the company’s centenary.

The Sportrac 5 is Vredestein’s tyre for day-to-day use on middle-sized and larger executive cars. On its launch in 2012, it won industry praise for its high grip levels and its good balance of handling on wet and dry roads. It offers a balance of stability and performance with lower fuel consumption. In a competitive marketplace it is a solid all-round tyre choice, but lacks the flashiness of the Ultrac range above.

Vredestein has recently launched the Snowtrac 5, a winter tyre. It has sophisticated lateral grooves in the shoulders of the tread to ensure tyre stability in the coldest conditions. Surprisingly quiet for a winter tyre, it features non-parallel sipes and long sipe length. These mean that the layer of slush or film on wet, snowy or icy roads is more easily broken. This tyre offers high handling capability on dry and wet surfaces. As you’d expect from Vredestein, it is better-looking than most winter tyres.

The company’s range also includes the Quatrac 5, an all-season tyre designed for use in both summer and winter conditions. It has a sleek asymmetric tread and has earned a ‘green’ label due to its high scores in EU tests. 3D grip claws in the middle of the tyre promise exceptional acceleration and roadholding even on icy roads. Additionally, the tread design has been engineered for steering precision and lateral grip.