Uniroyal tyres

Uniroyal is the inventor of the rain tyre. The company is dedicated to providing tyres which offer uncompromising safety in wet conditions. Its ethos is based on the fact that accidents on the road are statistically twice as likely in wet weather.

With rain on an average of 165 days a year in the UK, it is easy to understand Uniroyal’s commitment to maximising driver safety in the wet. Its tyres are designed to provide optimum traction on wet roads and to reduce the risk of aquaplaning: ‘the black ice of summer motoring’. As an example, the RainSport tyre can disperse 30 litres of rain away from the road every second at 50mph. That equates to as much as 1,800 litres, or 15 full baths, per minute.

As you’d expect, almost all Uniroyal’s tyres score an ‘A’-rating for wet grip under the EU tyre labelling regulations. The new Uniroyal RainSport tyre is designed for compact to upper mid-range and sports models. It has an asymmetric tread pattern to ensure rapid water removal on wet roads, without compromising on safety and handling in dry conditions. This tyre’s tread has been designed using Uniroyal’s ‘Shark Skin Technology’. The company researched the tiny undulations and grooves on a shark’s skin, to gain a greater understanding of the most fluent pattern for rapid water dispersal.

The RainExpert tyre is available in a wide range of sizes. These will fit small and compact cars, larger executive vehicles and even SUVs and 4×4s. This tyre continues to earn positive customer reviews. While it offers excellent performance in the wet, this does not come at the cost of a loss of handling ability in dry conditions. It is also very competitively-priced. As such, it is a popular replacement option not only in the UK but also across Europe.

Uniroyal’s RainMax tyre has been specifically designed to offer wet-weather safety and balance for vans and people carriers. Being taller and having a different centre of gravity, these can handle unlike normal cars on wet roads and when cornering. Customer reviews have commented favourably on these tyres’ longevity and handling performance. As such, they are very much worth considering as replacement tyres.