Toyo tyres

Toyo is very much a technology-orientated tyre company. Although based in Japan, it has operations in China, Malaysia and the USA as well as its homeland. It makes tyres to fit an enormous number of vehicles, from trucks and bicycles to cars and vans. Best-known among its range are the Proxes range of high-performance tyres, Open Country tyres for 4x4s and the value-orientated Extensa range.

A ‘B’-rating for wet grip in many sizes underpins the appeal of the Proxes T1 Sport tyre. It is suitable for a range of sports cars and saloons. This tyre offers supreme stability and comfort, even in wet conditions, and is factory-fitted to models including the Audi TT, Audi S6 and Mazda 6. Available in a massive number of sizes, up 20-inch fittings for the largest SUVs, it features a directional tread pattern. It is considered an excellent high-performance tyre for demanding driving. Toyo designed it for European driving conditions and weather and to give maximum handling on both wet and dry roads. The next model up in this range, the Proxes R1R, is aimed very much at drivers on track days in high-performance cars. It offers enormous amounts of dry grip with a very distinctive tread pattern and casing. The Proxes T1-R offers high levels of stability and braking performance in a tyre more suitable for use in all weathers.

A large number of smaller and compact cars leave Japanese factories in Toyo tyres. Among these are the Mazda 2, 3 and 5, Toyota Prius, Nissan Cube and some smaller Lexus models. Typically, this will be on Toyo Proxes CF1 and CF2 tyres, both known for a good all-round balance of performance, safety and economy. These tyres have been designed using the latest material, structure and tread pattern technologies. They are engineered to ensure optimum durability and comfort. They feature active compound and rigidity technology, meaning lower rolling resistance and better grip along with reduced noise and excellent wet-weather performance. An extra feature is the enclosed shoulder block which offers even wear characteristics.

Drivers of city cars, or those whose annual mileages are not high, should also consider the improved Toto NanoEnergy3 range of eco-tyres. These too are designed for smaller and compact models. Engineered for safety and fuel economy, they are built for a long life and to meet the demands of modern city driving.

Nissan has called on Toyo for help in the development of different releases of its 4×4 and SUV range, including the Qashqai, Juke and X-Trail. As such, many of these cars are factory-fitted with Proxes tyres. This research and collaboration with Nissan has extended into Toyo’s Open Country range, available to suit a range of different off-road demands. The Open Country H/T tyre is the most appropriate Toyo tyre for 4×4 vehicles which spend their life in on-road environments. It is designed as a ‘highway tyre’ and offers long wear life, a quiet ride and good braking and roadholding in wet conditions.

The Open Country A/T Plus is more of an all-terrain tyre, featuring rigid tread blocks and a very distinctive tread pattern for optimum grip when used occasionally off-road. Finally, the Open Country M/T is specifically designed for hardworking vehicles which often need grip in deep mud or other challenging environments.