Runway Tyres

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Runway Tyres manufacturer a complete product range of passenger car and light truck tyres in 130 countries worldwide. With state of the art R&D capabilities, premium quality products and a competitive manufacturing base, Runway Tyres is focused on providing you with value added products and services, they are in the top 10 largest tyre manufacturers in the world, in terms of volume and revenue.

Who are Runway Tyres?

Runway are part of the Giti Group, the Singapore Goliath of the tyre market. Runway offer an excellent range of tyres with a heavy focus on performance, comfort and fuel efficiency. This brand of tyre remain at the lower end of your budget, offering great value for money.

Performance passenger car, 4×4, SUV, truck and van tyres, Runway have designs to meet the needs of everybody.

This is an image of the Runway Enduro 726 TyreRunway Enduro 726

One of the most popular treads is the Enduro 726. This tread has become popular due to the quiet and comfortable ride it offers due to its advanced tread design. Featuring four large grooves down the centre of the tread, the Enduro 726 provides efficient water displacement to give it fantastic performance in the wet. Furthermore, the extended shoulder grooves around the outer edge of the tread provide excellent cornering stability with this tyre.


This is an image of a Runway Enduro 926 TyreRunway Enduro 926

Runway’s high performance offering is the Enduro 926. The new streamlined tread pattern gives the tyre increased performance in both wet and dry conditions. The performance ‘V’ shaped grooves increase stability when driving at high speeds and, as a result, the 926 tyres provides a quiet and comfortable ride. The 926 really is the Runway Tyre of choice for the performance conscious tyre purchaser looking to get great value for money.


How much do Runway Tyres cost?

The Runway Enduro 726 Tyre starts at just £49.70. Find your tyres now by searching for your perfect Runway Tyre.