Pirelli car tyres

etyres supplies and fits a wide range of Pirelli tyres suitable for cars, vans, 4x4s and motorbikes at competitive prices nationwide. Founded in 1872, Pirelli is among the main tyre manufacturers and are market leaders within the premium tyre segment. Pirelli re-invest around three per cent of revenue back into research and development with the aim of constantly improving the quality, performance, safety and environmental impact of their tyres.

Pirelli tyre information

Pirelli tyres are original equipment for many premium car models, including Aston Martin. To become an original equipment supplier Pirelli works alongside the car manufacturer to define the tyre characteristics. This process of creating homologated tyres takes three years and involves substantial co-operation between Pirelli and the car manufacturer’s engineers and testers.

Pirelli’s Eufori tyre was designed as original equipment with BMW for the Mini Cooper and the Mini Cooper S has been designed with run-flat self-supporting technology. In the event of a puncture, this tyre can travel 50 miles at a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour. It can be fitted to any vehicle which is equipped with a tyre pressure monitoring system.

Changing Pirelli tyres

Pirelli is at the forefront of championing the use of winter tyres between October and March to help ensure confident and safe driving in all weather conditions. Pirelli winter tyres have been formulated with specific compounds higher in natural silica to maintain flexibility when the temperature drops below seven degrees. The tread pattern of these tyres has also been designed to increase road handling capabilities, decrease braking distances and reduce the risk of aquaplaning. If you are thinking of investing in a set of Pirelli winter tyres they are easily recognisable by the mud and snow initials and the symbol on the sidewall of a mountain with a snowflake. For more information on the safety benefits of winter tyres click here.

etyres supplies and fits the entire range of Pirelli tyres for cars, vans and 4x4s at low prices. To buy your Pirelli tyres online simply enter your tyre size into the search bar above or call the national sales team on 0800 028 9000 for more information on choosing the best Pirelli tyres for your needs.

Pirelli tyre tests and reviews

Below are just three highlights of the huge range of high performance Pirelli tyres available from etyres today.

Pirelli P6000

The Pirelli P6000 tyre offers drivers a quiet ride with excellent grip in wet, dry and snowy conditions and its durability makes it ideal for motorway driving. It is original equipment on hundreds of vehicles from manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Ford and Volkswagen. etyres can supply you with the Pirelli P6000 tyre in a wide range of sizes to fit your car.

Pirelli P Zero Nero

This is an asymmetric ultra-performance tyre for the most demanding sports drivers. The P Zero Nero provides drivers with high levels of grip and handling when cornering and a reduced risk of aquaplaning. It is an approved original equipment fitment for many vehicles including popular Alfa Romeo, Fiat and Mazda models. The Pirelli P Zero Nero tyre is available from etyres in a wide range of sizes and not only improves the aesthetics of city cars but also meets the needs of extreme tuning professionals, with sizes up to 22-inch diameters.

Pirelli Cinturato P7

This is the first ‘green performance’ Pirelli tyre, offering reduced fuel consumption and carbon emissions while maintaining high performance, durability and safety levels. This Pirelli tyre is original equipment on many Audi, BMW, Mini and Peugeot models, and is also available in a run-flat version.