Pirelli P6000 tyres

The Pirelli P6000 tyre offers drivers a summer tyre with high levels of control and improved sports handling.

The unique wavy tread design runs in a continuous line from the centre to the shoulder of the tyre. This wave greatly increases the tyre’s stability and delivers maximum steering control and braking precision to the driver.

The Pirelli P6000 tyre is available from etyres in a wide range of fitments. To buy new Pirelli P6000 tyres today simply enter your tyre size into the search tool above and select Pirelli as your brand. Alternatively you can call our national sales team on 0800 028 9000 seven days a week.

Pirelli P6000 reviews

The Pirelli P6000 provides high levels of comfort and low noise as a result of the patented pitch sequence technology.

This tyre offers drivers enhanced aquaplaning resistance as a result of the elliptical water channels in the tread design. These channels funnel water away from the patch where the tyre makes contact with the road, increasing wet grip and aquaplaning resistance.