Nexen Roadian HP

The Nexen Roadian HP forms part of Nexen’s SUV tyre range. It is designed to offer excellent levels of grip on all types of Nexen Roadianroad surface. The tyre uses large shoulder blocks to maximise vehicle cornering grip whilst also maximising stability for larger SUVs.

The unique tread pattern also offers improved handling in wet conditions. This further enhances grip for high performance in summer and winter conditions.

Road noise can be an issue with large SUV tyres. Nexen have also utilised a 5 random pitch variation in its pattern to reduce noise levels, giving you a quite in cabin experience. Deep and wide tread patterns grooves also provide you with excellent water drainage, imperative for optimal breaking and anti-hydroplaning in SUVs.

Technical Information

  • Section Width: 235 – 305 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 16 – 24 inch
  • Load Rating: 95 – 118
  • Speed Rating: H/V

Nexen Roadian Pictures

This is an image of the Nexen Roadian HP tyre from the side at an angleThis is an image of the Nexen Roadian HP from the side.This is an image of the Nexen Roadian HP Tread

Nexen Roadian Sizes

The Nexen Rodian HP is available in a wide range of sizes to suit most classes of SUV, also search the full range of Nexen Tyres today.

255/60 R17, 265/60 R17, 275/60 R17.

265/60R 18, 285/60 R18.

255/50 R19 XL, 255/50 R20 XL, 265/45 R20 XL, 265/50 R20 XL, 275/40 R20 XL, 275/45 R20 XL, 275/55 R20 XL, 285/50 R20 XL, 295/40 R20, 295/45 R20 XL.

255/30 R22 XL, 265/35 R22 XL, 285/35 R22 XL, 285/45 R22 XL, 295/30 R22 XL, 305/40 R22 XL, 305/45 R22 XL.

295/35 R24 XL, 305/35 R24 XL.

For more information about the Roadian HP, Nexen’s official website has a full specification breakdown and sizes. Nexen Roadian HP Spec Page.