Michelin Energy Saver

A popular fuel-efficient tyre for city and saloon cars, along with MPVs, the Michelin Energy Saver is billed as a tyre Michelin Energy saverthat reduces running costs by using less fuel, respects the environment and enables shorter braking distance.

Using a 100 per cent silica-based rubber compound enables the Michelin Energy Saver to use less fuel and offer added safety in the wet.

Many motorists remain loyal to the Energy Saver because it offers longevity, value for money and good performance.

Michelin Energy Saver Benefits

 New generation 100% silica-based rubber compound adds up to less fuel used and increased safety in the wet

  • Durable Security Compound ensures efficient braking during the tyres entire life by maintaining rigidity of the tread

Michelin Energy Saver Awards

  • Awarded ‘Best Buy’ status by consumer champions Which? following a test on summer tyres in 2012.

Technical Information

  • Section Width: 175 – 225 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 15 – 17 Inch
  • Load Rating: 84 – 98

Speed Rating: H/T/V/W