Michelin CrossClimate

The first summer tyre also to be certified for use in winter, the Michelin CrossClimate tyre boasts revolutionary michelin-cross-climateperformances to keep motorists safe in all weather.

A fusion of summer and winter tyre technologies, it is ideal for motorists looking for one tyre to cope with the kind of temperate weather experienced in the UK.

It has been designed to deliver all the advantages a summer tyre offers in wet braking, dry braking, longevity and fuel efficiency. This is combined with the benefits of winter tyres in traction and braking for motorists driving in cold or occasional snowy conditions. It has also received the 3PMSF mark, which is a symbol of winter excellence.

Michelin CrossClimate Benefits

  • Excellent grip in every weather condition
  • Wet grip, with an “A” rating for wet braking
  • Traction on snow, being the first ever summer tyre to obtain winter certification 3PMSF (Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake) for performance on snow
  • Optimised fuel consumption

Michelin CrossClimate Accolades

The reputation of the Michelin CrossClimate tyre has been boosted by the announcement that is has been singled out for use by two leading UK businesses in 2015.

British Gas is fitting Michelin CrossClimate tyres to its fleet of 13,000 commercial vehicles. Fleet manager Colin Marriott tested the tyre at its launch event in Geneva and commented: “I was impressed by the performance of the CrossClimate tyres. On dry roads there was absolutely no doubt they performed as well as Michelin’s summer tyres, and they outperformed the winter tyres and all-season tyres by some margin…It was a very easy decision for us to fit these tyres, due to the quality of the product.”

Addison Lee, the UK’s largest passenger car fleet, has been so impressed with the tyres performance it has fitted them across the majority of its 5,000-strong fleet.

Technical Information

  • Section Width: 185 – 225 mm
  • Rim Diameter: 15 – 17 Inch
  • Load Rating: 88 – 102

Speed Rating: H/T/V/W