Maxxis tyres

Maxxis was founded as a bicycle tyre manufacturer in Taiwan in 1967. This makes the company one of the youngest of the major tyre brands. However, it has strong commitments to motorsport and research partnerships with major car manufacturers. These have made Maxxis one of the world’s top ten tyre producers.

The company’s tyres are fitted as original equipment in many factories in Asia. Strong commercial links exist with Ford, Hyundai, GM, Toyota, Hyundai and Mitsubishi cars. Its UK subsidiary was formed in 2005.

THE VS-01 (‘VS’ stands for ‘Victra Sport’) is the newest addition to the Victra range of ‘everyday use’ performance tyres from Maxxis. This tyre scores high ratings for both wet grip and fuel economy. Since it is designed primarily for roadholding and handling performance at high speed, this is no mean feat. Additionally, it does not cost as much as many premium brand tyres.

Maxxis sponsors the British Drift Championship, this country’s version of a sport which is extraordinarily popular in Asia. The MA-Z1, which sits within the Victra range, is the road-going version of a specialist drift tyre used in that series. It features a race-honed tread pattern. As you’d expect, it’s designed for ultra-high-performance use on the sportiest of cars such as the Nissan Skyline.

The MA-Z4S is an established everyday performance tyre in the Victra range. It offers good looks and is engineered for a balance of handling and performance with fuel economy and longevity. Similar features are offered by the new Victra Pro-R1. This tyre is designed to offer high levels of grip in both wet and dry conditions. It has already scored highly in independent tests.

Maxxis’ MA range tyres remain popular with British drivers, not least because of their competitive price. These tyres are available in a wide range of sizes. While they lack the high-performance nature of the VS range, they offer a balance of durability with good standards of wet grip and roadholding for day-to-day motoring.