Matador tyres

Matador has produced tyres since 1925. Its range consistently performs well in independent consumer tests. It is also frequently praised for its performance in wet weather. The company is now part of tyre giant Continental and makes a range of ‘middle market’ tyres for a variety of vehicles. Matador’s emphasis is as much on the comfort and eco-friendly qualities of these tyres as on their performance and longevity.

Matador’s Hectorra tyres are designed as high-performance sports tyres for passenger cars and 4×4s. They are engineered primarily for long tyre life and reduced noise, yet offer good handling and braking performance. They feature four wide longitudinal grooves for increased driving safety. Stiff blocks and ribs offer good handling characteristics and improved braking qualities on wet roads. Their tread pattern is designed to offer even wear and enhanced mileage without compromising on steering response or handling through corners.

The MP44 Elite tyre from Matador is aimed more at mid-range cars. They feature a modern silica tread compound which promotes a higher mileage and lower emissions throughout the tyre’s life. The company also produces the MP16 Stella 2, a tyre suitable for smaller or city cars. These have a low-noise tread design and offer optimised driving comfort combined with good handling and stability, especially under braking.